Pre-purchase advice

Although most clients contact an architect once they have a property they want a project designed for, there is often value in consulting an Architect much earlier than this.

BEAT Architects can visit properties you are considering purchasing with a mind to the project you are looking to undertake. We can provide you our initial comments and comparisons as to their suitable, in our opinion.

As an example for a house block, some attributes of a property we would explore are orientation, views, privacy, flat/sloping/steep blocks and the opportunities each attribute might provide. Often a block of land is overlooked for its “problems” without realising the amazing advantages or opportunities that our architectural eye has been inspired by.

If you are looking at a new tenancy fit-out, BEAT Architects can perform a site visit and with our extensive prior experience can suggest whether the size and shape of the space, its exposure to natural light or ventilation, any access issues and so on will lend itself easily to the use you require. The square metre area is often not the only consideration; the shape of it frequently means some smaller properties can achieve more effective or efficient layouts for your use with less wasted space than larger ones which are not as well shaped to fit the spaces you require. Consider the difference for you in terms of purchase/rental costs.

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